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Thursday, February 22, 2018

The Charlotte Korb family

Thank you to Silha Funeral Home for your compassionate care.

We would like to thank the ladies of ZLC for the wonderful lunch, Marla McCormick for the beautiful songs, Pastor Stan Hoobing for his kind words, Norm Unterscher for the sound system and most of all to our wonderful neighbors. You were with us throughout our mom’s journey, bringing food, mowing grass, driving the limousine and helping with repairs.

Thanks to WMS custodial staff for providing us with a meal and lending support.

Merlin and Grace Damm, we wouldn’t have been able to manage without your assistance. From being a caregiver to being a handy man and giving your time day in and out. To all of our pall bearers who gave of themselves we appreciate you!

The Charlotte Korb family

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