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Monday, March 19, 2018

Curt and Iris Milne, Brenda Milne, Lorna Milne & Joh Motl & family, Darcy & Caryl Clingingsmith & family, Kyle & Eileen Milne & family

A heartfelt thank you to those who sent the beautiful flowers, plants, cards and offered condolences. Also to those who brought in the delicious food.

Thank you to Father Schreiber and Pastor Ruth, musicians Rick, Kevin, Leon and Marilyn, the casket bearers and honorary casket bearers. Thank you to the Wolff boys, the Sacred Heart and United Methodist ladies for the wonderful luncheon after the service.

Thank you to Silha Funeral Home and their professionalism.

I remarked to a friend “ Ty would be astonished if he knew of this outpouring of love,” and she replied, “he know.”

Thank you.

Curt and Iris Milne

Brenda Milne

Lorna Milne & Jon Motl 

& family

Darcy & Daryl Clingingsmith & family

Kyle & Eileen Milne & family

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