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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Family of Norman Solberg

The family of Norman Solberg would like to thank the friends and family who kept us in their prayers and thoughts, sent cards, the hugs, kind words and the great food we received following the loss of our Dad and Grandpa. A special thank you to Greg and Jan Kirkwood at Kirkwood Funeral Home for the personable and professional service that we received. A sincere thank you to the Dodson Ladies for the preparation and serving of the wonderful meal at the church that Dad grew up in and allowing the Fields and Solbergs to gather and reminiscence family time along with the photographs that were taken that day. Special thank you to Orvin for the wonderful message and to the Military Honor Guard for the military service at Dodson. Norman continued to require more medical care, but it was a blessing to have the Phillips County Home Health program along with the local medical staff along with the caring and understanding Glendive Extended Care Staff where Norman has been for the past year. Once again, what a great community we have here. God Bless.

Tammy, Larry, Karen, Elaine and families. 

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