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Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Korb family

Thank you to Leslie Hunter who called the ambulance, stayed with me, supplied food and offered comfort. To the Glendive Police Department and ambulance crew who arrived quickly. The Glendive Medical Center ER team who worked tirelessly on Thursday night and Friday morning. Silha Funeral Home who offered guidance. The pallbearers who are always there for us when needed. Those who cooked food for those traveling. Pastor Will who visited a crowded house and had us share memories, gave a tear-jerking Sunday sermon along with a funeral service. The Zion Lutheran Church ladies who provided a luncheon. The school district who provided subs for teachers so they could attend a funeral service. Custodial staff at Washington and Lincoln who showered us with hugs. Superintendent of schools department who helped with paperwork. Bob Fladmo’s office who supplied us with answers. Purchasing department as GMC who filled us with ham sandwiches and salad. Those of you who prayed and keep praying. Grace and Merlin Damm who call on a daily basis. Your support was so overwhelming.

The Korb family

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