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Friday, March 23, 2018

Linda Brown, Sean, LaDonna & Cory Wootan, Tim, Meredith, Eli, Hailey, Jenna & Aiden Brown

Our family was overwhelmed with support after losing Herman Brown. We thank each and every person who sent a card, attended or helped with the service, brought food, had flowers sent or just offered thier condolences. Without knowing all of your names or addresses please accept our deepest thanks. Our small community with their big hearts helped in healing his family’s hearts. A special thanks to all the medical staff from the ambulance drivers to the hospice staff. There has been so many of you over the years and you treated Herman and his family so well.

Thank you,

Linda Brown

Sean, LaDonna & Cory Wootan

Tim, Meredith, Eli, Hailey, Jenna & Aiden Brown

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