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Friday, March 23, 2018

Richie Crisafulli Chief West Glendive Fire Department

After reading the stories in the Thursday edition of the Ranger Review I wanted to give thanks and credit due to so many others involved in the fires that the West Glendive Fire Department responded to recently.  As I was out of town when the Cedar Creek fire started, Assistant Chief Mike Mills took charge and did an outstanding job as the Incident Commander on that large event.  I called DES coordinator Mary Jo Gehnert back to Glendive from her lake cabin at Fort Peck to spearhead gathering the unknown resources we would need for the numerous responders sent in from surrounding areas.  Joe Sharbono and the Dawson County Road Department crew were also requested and provided endless support.  Satellite trucks from both Intake and Lindsay responded and were willing to stay as long as we needed them, as well as all the West Glendive firefighters who put in countless hours on several different responses.  Darren Hagen, Kent White and the Dawson County Search and Rescue team provided the boat and support on the island fire Tuesday.  Thanks to the DNRC, BLM, Dawson Count Sheriff’s Department, Glendive Fire Department, Wibaux County responders, Prairie County responders, neighboring landowners, businesses that provided equipment and all the other volunteers that came to help.  The 21 members of the West Glendive Fire Department could not do the work it does without getting the support it does from so many of you. 


Richie Crisafulli


West Glendive Fire Department

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