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Monday, February 19, 2018

Card of Thanks

Edith Schepens

What a surprise last Wednesday! I came out of my bedroom, walked down the hall and looked outside my kitchen window and saw 40 heads bobbing up and down!

Louise Knuths

I want to thank my neighbors, family & friends for the surprise birthday party they gave me. Also for the delicious cake, ice cream, cards and gifts. It was all so fantastic. Thank you.

Jim & Marion Crane


As recipient for the W.M.S. volunteer project of raking leaves, we want to thank the 7th grade students & staff for the great job they did on the yard. It is greatly appreciated.

Grandma Hub


Thank you to Washington Middle School 7th grade students, Mrs. Neilson, Mr. Yerger, Mr. Phipps and others for a terrific job you did raking my yard. It looks great!


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