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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Guest column
By Bruce Clausen

Keep it classy at tournaments


Guest column

By Bruce Clausen


It is tournament week, and some reminders as many folks will be on the road to Billings for the Eastern “A” Boys and Girls Basketball Tournament this weekend.

It will behoove our school and community to cultivate the ideals of good sportsmanship and conduct ourselves in a sportsmanlike manner.  Some items to remind us of what and what not to do include:  I know it is hard sometimes, but please remember.

•  Be positive. Cheer for our team rather than against the opposition.  Refrain from booing and name calling.

•  Respect the official’s point of view; they are trying to do their best.

•  Remember, athletic contests are, in one respect, just like driving, they do not mix with mood altering substances.

•  Do not use profanity in cheers or direct profane statements at officials, players, coaches or opposing cheering sections.

•  Do not single out opposing players personally and heckle them by directing derogatory or profane statements/chants at them.  This includes signs, posters, and clothing that would be deemed inappropriate.  Racist remarks are never acceptable. 

•  The student sections are prohibited from any activity that poses a safety risk or interferes with competition, including jumping or bouncing on the bleachers at any time.

• Students’ and adults’ habits and reactions as spectators determine the quality of sportsmanship which reflects upon the reputation of the school.  Profane or abusive language and obnoxious behavior have no place at a high school athletic contest.

•  Respect and cooperate with our cheerleaders….they work very hard to try and motivate and include the crowd in their cheers.

•  Show respect for an opposing injured player.

•  NOTE:  Shirts must be worn at all times.

•  The use of bells, air horns, whistles, wooden blocks and other noise makers during indoor Association contests is prohibited.  

•  The formation of “rally lines” on or near the playing floor during the introduction of players or at any other time before, during or after a game is prohibited.

•  Throwing any type of object into or from any spectator section is prohibited.

•  Try to keep your emotions in check. Being too emotional can affect your judgment. I know the definition of a fan at times can be “someone who is temporarily insane,” but please ... this is a high school athletic event.

•  Parents of any youth offenders of our school rules will be called. Police will be escorting them to the police station.  Save yourself an embarrassment as well as your folks.  Alcohol and tobacco products are not allowed.

• You can be ejected from an association contest, so please behave.

Remember this is a Montana High School Association sporting event of which we are a member school, and school administration of each school is held responsible for student behavior and crowd control. Please do your part to help out and enjoy each athletic contest in an appropriate manner and give a positive reflection to others of our school and community. Thank you for your time and consideration in this regard.

Bruce Clausen is the principal at Dawson County High School.

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