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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

(all dancers pictured are LaDonna’s School of Dance performers): 
Clog dancers (l to r) Alena Vogele, Giarratana Crisafulli, 
Mallory Robinson, Madison Ralston and Sophia Schock strike a pose at the end of the group’s performance. 
Sadie Carbajal clicks her heels during a performance in the production category titled “Television and Commercial Capers.” 
“Cows, the Seldom Herd” tap dancers (l to r) Emily Baker, Abbie Barnick, Ailey Skerritt, Sari Murphy and Kendall Wiseman kick in unison.
Ashley Reynolds and other tap dancers perform “Merry Go Round.”
Alena Vogele is crowned Badlands Crowning Stars Miss Petite.Jayla Zody performs “Brotsjor,” an acro solo that earned her first place in the 12- to 14-year-olds solo division.
Newly crowned Miss Junior Karsen Murphy, Miss Teen Emily Kuehn and Miss Senior Sadie Carbajal pose with their crowns.
Mallika Towne leads a workshop during a competition break. Towne, Jessica Hannesson and Ashley Adishian were competition judges.

Badlands Crowning Star Dance Competition (slideshow)

(Slideshow) The Badlands Crowning Star Dance Competition was held in Glendive March 15 and 16. The event included over 165 performances, several workshops and Miss Petitie, Miss Junior, Miss Teen and Miss Senior title competitions.

Jamie Ausk Crisafulli photos

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