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Monday, February 19, 2018

America is rotting from within

Dear editor,

I am disheartened and dismayed with what is happening to this country. It has become a cesspool of hate, crime and dishonesty.

I am appalled with sanctuary cities and states, who place more value on the lives of criminal, illegal aliens than on the lives of legal american citizens. How dare those who support and harbor violent illegals label those of us who care about the US and its future, unamerican and unpatriotic.

My grandparents were emigrants who came here for a better life and equal opportunity. They came in through legal channels, integrated into society, learned the language and respected the laws. They were hardworking, productive people, who were an asset to the United States. Twenty of my relatives fought in all wars from WWI to present, to honorably serve and protect our freedom. It is a slap in the face to all emigrants who did the same to allow those who are illegal and wish us harm to come here. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty is a thank you gift from France, it is not the law.

I am disgusted with Congress, who were voted in by the people to work for the betterment of the county, who nitpick, criticize and block all progress by the present administration. They act like spoiled teenagers who did not get their way. Why aren’t people outraged at this childish show of demagoguery and the lack of integrity in adhearing to the oath of office to serve the will of the voters and not their own agenda?

Most of all I am sick of what society has become. This is no longer the county of our ancestors. A very wise man once told me, “The United States will never fall to outside forces, but will rot from within.” It seems his prophesy has come true.


Marian Keller


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