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Friday, January 19, 2018

Appalled by letter's assertions

Dear Editor,

I was appalled by a letter from Cheryl Sage in response to comments made by Fay  Dear on NFL athletes.

What a nasty mean-spirited person she is. To assume all white people from Montana are racist is deplorable, and to say only black boys are suspect is ignorant and prejudice. All races suffer suspicion and mistrust, and apparently so do elderly white ladies.

For Ms Sage to insinuate only NFL protests can stop racism is asinine. If you are pulled in on a warrant, possibly you have broken the law and the police are doing their job. To state black boys are automatically suspect is absurd. She should look into the mirror. I bet she’ll find the narrow minded, out of touch bigot staring back at her. Neither white people nor Mrs Dear are responsible for her troubles.

To say the NFL players are not disrespectful to our ‘holy anthem’ speaks volumes of her hatred and lack of respect for this country and what it stands for.

The NFL refused to enforce their rules because athletes generate too much money for the League and owners. It is about greed and money, not a lack of respect for paying fans and sponsors. The NFL is a business, and businesses make money.

Colin Kaepernick voluntarily left his team, and now he is suing them and the League. What happened to the protest? It morphed from oppression, to cop killers, to gender pay-gap, to women’s rights, to, who knows what? The team chose the first name of the NFL, where they were honoring our military Veterans, to protest and take a knee. If it were about oppression, why did they take a knee for our anthem in Britain, but stand for “God Save the Queen’? Britain practiced slavery and oppression of minorities long before the US was a country. Our Colonial ancestors fled Britain because of oppression.

From where I stand, it smells a lot like disrespect.




Marian Keller


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