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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Best qualified by proven example

Dear Editor,

In response to a recent letter, Thursday, April 24, 2014, page 5, I am under the impression your letter of support that was addressed to other candidates includes me.

I have 32 years of public service, 25 years as a Montana Highway Patrolman, five years Dawson County Deputy Sheriff, two years Glendive Police Department, four years USAF Military Police duties, one year of overseas assignment to Southeast Asia, Vietnam Veteran and member of the VFW, two-year associates degree in Law Enforcement from Dawson Community College, Camp Commander in charge of four Montana Highway Patrol Academies in Bozeman, Mont.

My leadership skills have been formally acknowledged by awards from the Governor, Attorney General and chiefs of the Montana Highway Patrol for dedication and commitment. My common sense ability excels beyond anyone and the people of this community know it. I have respect and compassion for everyone.

I am the best-qualified by proven example. 

I owe the people of this community being responsible for my career. 

I have the ability to have a teamwork Sheriff’s department where everyone will feel needed and important because they are. I am and will be confident the people of the community will elect a sheriff they know and trust.

Thank you.

Dave Rossi

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