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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Canen is 100 percent committed


Donna Houck asked a legitimate question of any candidate in the Thursday, May 15th edition of the Ranger. She questioned if my focus would be 100% sheriff. My decision to run for Sheriff came after much serious consideration and my answer to her question is 100% yes! 

I believe my co-workers, employers (current & former), and friends can all attest to the fact that I give my best to everything I do. 

Ask the victims of crimes I’ve helped if I was not 100% dedicated to their service. Ask those who call me personally for help in their situations. People know and trust me. My dedication and commitment has been proven over the last 21 years in serving Dawson County with only positive job reviews. 

Taking the position of sheriff will not be a new retirement system or a pay raise for me. Rather, it is the next step in using my talents to serve my neighbors. If elected I will be your full time sheriff.


Ross Canen

Candidate for Dawson County Sheriff

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