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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Caviar program needs support

Dear editor,

I am writing this letter to ask for community support of  Montana SB 84 which will extend the paddlefish roe collection during the annual harvest at Intake until 2028.  As you may know the current legislation will sunset in 2018.  Senator Steve Hinebauch presented this bill to the Senate Fish & Game committee on January 10th. Since this hearing the bill has moved quickly and easily with resounding support through the Montana Senate and is now in the House and will be heard during the House Fish & Game committee on Tuesday, January 24th at 3pm.

Since the local community leaders fought for this program to be enacted into law in 1989, and grant money awards began in 1991, over $938,000 has been given to support almost 500 projects of over 200 Eastern Montana non-profits, communities and organizations.  The grants awarded have supported art, music, youth sporting activities, community wide events, outdoor activities, historic preservation and so much more.  The paddlefish and the caviar they produce have provided a great deal of support and seed money to our communities. We believe this opportunity should be continued and the Glendive Chamber is committed to working with FWP and our community non-profits well in to the future.

If you would like to support the extension of the Yellowstone Caviar Program until at least 2028, please make your voice heard by Tuesday, January 24th.  Here are a few ways you can support the Yellowstone Caviar program, our community non-profits and the work Senator Hinebauch has started.  Email the House Fish & Game committee asking they support the 2028 extension date. Just send your email of support to their committee secretary jriffel@mt.gov  and ask that it be distributed to all the members. You can email your support to me at the Glendive Chamber, christine@glendivechamber.com and I will forward your support. Or, you can simply call the legislative information line at 406-444-4800 and ask that they relay your request for support of SB 84 to the House Fish & Game Committee. Thank you for your support.




Christine Whitlatch

Executive Director 

Glendive Area Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture

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