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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Christmas Dinner needs help this year

Dear Editor,

This year the Glendive Promise Keepers, a non-denominational Christian Men’s group, is seeking commitment from individuals to help put on the annual Community Christmas Dinner. Honestly, for seven years running, it has been a great community event, serving great food, and, more importantly, fellowship for up to 1,000 people on Christmas Day!

Due to changes in people’s schedules and work availability, we are in need of both help and donations to make it happen this year. If you can help or donate please call Kevn McGovern, 406 939 3199, or Bob Ackerman, 406 939 2633. Our Christian men’s group recognizes that this great event brings together so many people, provides so much fellowship and helps so many with donations throughout the year.

If this event is important to you and our community, please consider opening your heart and being a part of it. It is work, but it is working with a great bunch of people and a special way of giving thanks at this wonderful time of the year! If we get enough positive response, Promise Keepers will gladly host the event!

Kevin McGovern


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