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Saturday, January 20, 2018

City giving RV owners a raw deal

Dear editor,

I think the city is giving us a crock of crap! There is most likely harsher chemicals ran down toilets, sinks, cleanouts, etc than are put in a rv holding tank 4 smells. You think the lagoon smells are bad, whats it going 2 be like when people start dumping in alleys, ditches, etc.

When they built the new plant they knew all along RVers were gona be screwed; as not once did they tell us anything. 4 what we have been paying 4 sewer these last few yrs already we should be able 2 dump.

Doesn’t make sence in there article either; you can’t dump in a RV dumpsite but you can if you’re hooked up in a RV campgrand. Now lets see are they saying that s#!t isn’t going into the same place my s#!t is!!


A Unhappy Camper


Sue Schwindt


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