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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cops sure can take care of their own

Dear editor,

The adage that law enforcement looks out for their own, whether current or former, is so true.

Recently there was an accident west of wibaux on the ranch access road. the ancient involved a semi that was being driven by a former montana hi-way patrolman. the cattle trailer was destroyed and at least 15 pregnant cows were killed or had to be put down.

The law enforcement agency that investigated the wreck was the montana hi-way patrol based out of Glendive. true to course, no tickets were issued.

Makes you wonder, what would have happened if a family was traveling the same road at the time of the accident and they were all killed. would the hi-way patrol still not issue any tickets.

The same former hi-way patrolman was involved in another accident that caused significant damage to the railroad trestle in wibaux. of course, not tickets were issued.


Mike Thompson


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