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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Dawson County Attorney should not display altered flag

Dear editor,

On Friday January 13th the Dawson county attorney’s office displayed a version of the American flag that contained black and white stripes, a black field where the stars are placed and one of the stripes replaced with a bright blue stripe in the middle of the flag.  I found this to be very disrespectful.  I phoned the office and was transferred to Rachelle.  She was polite and explained that as the Dawson County Attorney’s office was part of the judicial system they had decided to replace the American flag with this flag every time there is an officer who is injured in any way while on duty and on something called national law enforcement day.  The flag of the United States of America is a symbol that represents everything American.  Today as I write this letter somewhere in the world there is an American service member standing in a foreign place facing danger every second of every day.  They are in groups large and small.  They represent every race, religion and gender of our nation.  They are soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen.  They are active duty in the federal service and reserve or national guard members from every state in the Union.  They carry rifles, wrenches, lap tops and stethoscopes.  Their uniforms are as varied as one can imagine.  The one thing that is the same every day for every one of them is the banner displayed on their uniforms, kevlar vests, tanks, planes and ships.  It is the American flag.  Red, white and blue.  In some circumstances due to the necessity to attempt to blend in to the environment they wear flags that are olive drab and black.  How dare the office of the county attorney in Glendive decide to alter the flag they serve?  I provided a copy of United Code Title 36 chapter 10 sub section 176 that is the federal code concerning display of the American flag which for Rachelle at the office.  The office is in clear violation of this section.  I’m hoping the county attorney’s office will respect United States title code since they won’t respect the flag. 


Dave Stanton


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