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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

DCHS kids' school spirit is inspiring

Dear editor,

On Thursday. Jan. 26, our son from Glasgow said he was coming to Glendive to watch the Glasgow Scottie girls basketball team play the Red Devil girls. I told him that his mother and I would enjoy going to the game too and visit with him. It has been a number of years, at least 15, that my wife and I have attended a Red Devil basketball game.

In years past we attended 3 of our 5 boys wrestling matches when they were in high school. It was always fun and exciting for us to cheer on our boys and the Red Devils. Often times my wife would tell me to calm down a bit, which I never did. What I truly enjoyed seeing and hearing most was the excitement the cheerleaders and student body had as they cheered for their fellow classmates and the entire Red Devil team. When one of the Glendive boys had their opponent on their backs the gymnasium erupted with clapping, cheering and fans standing up and stomp their feet on the footrests of the bleachers. I would say 9 times out of 10 you would see the Glendive wrestler pin his opponent when that excitement erupted.

Attending the girls’ basketball game the evening of the 26th brought this old boy back to those days. Seeing and hearing the excitement of the cheerleaders and student body cheering on their classmates, their team, told me that the excitement that I knew years ago still exists in our school. It is this type of excitement and comradery that we need in our community, in our state, in our nation today. I would like to say, Thank You, Dawson County Red Devil cheerleaders and student body for your love and dedication to your school and classmates. Keep up the good work. It is these days in your lives that you will remember the most. And when you become parents and attend your son’s or daughter’s athletic activities you will find that excitement and joy coming out of you again and you WILL chime in with cheers once again.

Maybe, just maybe, I will be in the stands more now, clapping and cheering on the Glendive Red Devils. Thank you students for bringing that excitement back for me. And by the way I didn’t get to visit with my son much at the game, I was preoccupied cheering.



Norman Unterseher


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