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Monday, February 19, 2018

Demand answers to wastewater questions


To all current residents of Forest Park, Highland Park, Casitas Del Mesa or any other area of West Glendive:

Please take notice that a public hearing will take place at the Dawson Conference Center, located at the Dawson County Courthouse, on May 6, at 10 a.m., concerning the proposed new wastewater treatment facility. This proposal would make it so that the sewer from all of West Glendive would be pumped across the river to a new wastewater treatment facility, rather than to the current holding cells west of the river. As our community grows, we must face the reality that our current sewer infrastructure is not likely to be able to support the needs of the residents. That does not mean that we as a community should accept any proposal that is placed in front of us. We deserve to know the answers to many questions that have yet to be discussed.

This proposal will cost a great deal of money and there have been some estimates as to how it would affect landowners but do we have any guarantees that the cost will not be greater? Do we know an exact dollar amount that this project will cost each resident individually? And what about the renters that will see their rent increase, as a result of the higher taxes to the property owners? Many of these individuals are on tight budgets with fixed income as it is. How many estimates were obtained for the project and what was the range that they came in at? All of these questions need to be answered for the residents of our community.

But perhaps the largest question that remains unanswered is whether or not this project is even necessary. As stated before, it is understood that there has to be some sort of change in our sewer infrastructure to support the growth and change our community has been. But have those in charge done their due diligence in exploring all available options? Have they sought advice from other communities that have faced the same issues that we are now facing? Have they looked into the possibility of expanding the current holding cells west of the river, or any other similar option that could save the community a great deal of money yet get the desired outcome accomplished?

I encourage all residents of West Glendive to appear at the public hearing at the date and time above and demand the answers to the questions posed above, as well as any others they may think of in regards to the proposed new waste water treatment facility. It may turn out that this proposal is the only practical solution to our sewer issues and that every step was taken to ensure that costs would be kept as low as possible to both landowners and renters alike. But until we ask these questions, there cannot be any certainty. Thank you.


Frank Crisafulli

Francis Peterson

Steve Nettik

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