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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Don’t let pub crawl happen at all


The March 20 Ranger-Review had a report on the pub crawl safety issues. Can you believe that the adults in our town can act like this? Broken glass, vomit and vandalized vehicles. Ambulances had to haul some of them away.

Now in the March 30 paper, they are recommending that the city council consider making changes for next year. The best way to consider that problem is to not let it happen at all.

Our officers were so busy there, that no one got a DUI, as the other streets were not patrolled. Were innocent people safe on the streets when the drunks were not patrolled?

I also read where the vomit, trash and cigarette butts (and other litter) was on the street. Guess what the “other litter” must have been! Pew ––

I can see why its called “The Pub Crawl” now. Adults acting like this sets a good example for the youth of our town.

If it was kids that did the vandalism on Tuesday night, maybe they are trying to show the adults that they can do one better –– who knows.

Some of our Glendive citizens say the pub crawl was not out of hand. What does it take to be out of hand, a death or two?

Glendive doesn’t need this kind of business. We have almost always been a peaceful community and a person was proud of it. Who started this pub crawl in the first place?

God bless my great-grandkids. I’m so glad that they can’t read yet.

Alice Cullinan

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