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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Don't sacrifice the people of MT

Dear Editor,

I’m writing because I can’t sit silent while radical Republicans in DC rip away the safety net supporting working people.

As a caregiver, I care for the sick and elderly, helping them live day to day. Because of my low wages and changing hours I also rely on the SNAP program to make my budget stretch.  I get $80 a month for food stamps.

It’s a small amount but that helps offset my water bill.

We were on TANF for a couple years to support two young kids, before my husband was able to move into a full time position, and I found a full time job as a CNA at the hospital.

We would have had to leave Glasgow and try to find work and a home elsewhere.

 Having access to SNAP and TANF meant I was able to stay in Glasgow and later give back to the community.  I’ve been a caregiver for over 25 years and have cared for well over 100 people.

Now Congress is trying to take away the aid that is available for low income families to just give more tax breaks to corporations and the super-rich.

Why are parents who are working at minimum wage jobs and use SNAP as the last resort to feed their kids sacrificed in the name of gracing corporations with lower tax rates?

Rep. Gianforte, we call on you to oppose any House budget that cuts funds that support hardworking, but vulnerable Montanans. Don’t sacrifice the people of Montana.


Connie Sharp

Glasgow, MT

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