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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Don't sell all Glendive athletes short

Dear editor,

I recently read an article on facebook by one of the high school coaches there.   I would like this response to his article to be published. ..... He makes some valid points but I would like to point out a few things.  1. He lumped having to work along with the other “excuses”.  As a former player, coach, and parent of two student athletes this is a legitimate reason, not an excuse.  If my kids did not work during the summer they could not have attended college.  Is he really expecting kids to choose sports over college?  (For the record, my kids worked and attended team camps during the summer and played on traveling teams but their coaches never felt like they gave enough time. In addition I would like to point out,  despite working my oldest lettered 11 times and was an integral part of the bball team that placed 3rd at state her senior year.  )  2.  My only experience with high school sports in Glendive has been as an outsider.  BUT my daughter swam for the Wet Devils several summers.  At the time they were state champions.  Yes state champions.  These kids got up before 7 every morning and returned for another practice in the evenings five days a week.  Then they traveled on Friday nights to compete in meets on Saturday and Sunday.  Two of the years my daughter swam the heater did not work in the pool.  Several mornings we pulled kids out of the pool with blue lips.   I would like to note the team was made up of kids from 5 years old to 18.  When coach Mo was the head Wet Devil and HS ball coach he had athletes that did both.  Please don’t sell all the athletes in Glendive short.  The Wet Devils have represented your community well and prove that parts of your community do achieve athletic success.


Kristal Rootes


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