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Friday, March 23, 2018

Fair date change will hurt 4-H

Dear editor,

My reason for writing today is to comment on the Dawson County Fair Board’s decision to having a carnival come to Glendive in June, 2018 and have the fair at its’ usual time in August; with the intent of combining the carnival and fair in June of 2019.

I can understand the predicament the Fair Board/Manager is in regarding the booking of a carnival for an August fair. I also understand the board and fair manager’s decision to have a carnival in June, 2018 with the intent of having both in June, 2019…at least from an entertainment/financial position.

The one entity, in my opinion, that will suffer are the 4-H kids. They can’t possibly have their animals ready for a June fair because of this area’s calving schedule.  If a June fair is adopted, the 4-Hers will have to go completely out of the area to acquire suitable livestock for their projects.  It won’t be from their livestock. Pure and simple. The entire 4-H program will undergo a major objectionable transformation and the 4-H participants will suffer from it. This would be a travesty of epic proportions.

I know of many kids that have been involved in 4-H that have gone on to do tremendous things. Learning responsibility, showing discipline and working hard toward a goal are not traits that people come by naturally. The 4-H program fosters these commendable attributes.  I truly believe this is something we can not put a price on.

I realize I’m not offering any solutions to this challenging situation. I’m just someone who is concerned about the lives and well-being of the generations to follow us.

Our kids are the future.  Let’s give them an opportunity to do tremendous things.



Allen Hrubes


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