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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The far left is dangerous to our freedom

Dear editor,

There is a dangerous movement across America by the far left, the DNC, the liberal mainsteam media and those who support their cause. They mean to delegitimize the Constitution, discredit the office of President and turn this country into a lawless society.

These “deplorables” of Hillary Clinton, who burn personal property, sabotage free speech, attack innocent bystanders and vomit vulgarities in an evil display of hostility and anarchy, should terrify every sane American.

Paid agitators, the mob who rally behind them, the Democratic Congress, who have sworn to block all progress by the present administration with lies and false accusations, and those who believe, they alone, own the First Amendment to the Constitution, are hell bent on destroying this country. This is not peaceful protest, this is out and out criminal behavior.

If this senseless civil discord is allowed to spread unchecked, it will be we, the American people, who are fleeing our war torn homeland in search of refuge and asylum elsewhere.

May God bless America, and save us from ourselves.




Marian Keller


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