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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Gianforte is Montana's best choice

Dear editor,

During campaign season we hear a lot of people grumble about so-called “negative ads”.  The truth might come across as negative at times but it is still the truth.  These ads are not bothersome to me.  But the ads that are out and out lies do bother me, especially when people blindly believe the lies.  This has been the case with the ads against Greg Gianforte.  They are full of lies.  So let’s look at some facts about Greg Gianforte.

On the 2nd Amendment, March 26, 2017:  “Mr. Gianforte has a true commitment to the protection of our constitutional rights,” said NRA-PFV Chairman Chris W. Cox. “His opposition to the banning of lawfully-owned firearms, magazines, and ammunition as well as his support for national concealed carry reciprocity legislation makes Mr. Gianforte an ideal representative for the people of Montana.”

On healthcare, Billings Gazette 4/3/17:   Greg Gianforte:  “Let’s lower premiums, preserve rural access.   I’m fighting for health care reform that actually lowers costs, increases access, and protects the most vulnerable in our society.  We need to allow people to buy insurance across state lines to improve options.”

On jobs:  “I’ve spent my life in business creating high-paying Montana jobs. I started a company here twenty years ago that grew to employ over five hundred Montanans where the average pay was almost $90K per year. This success was the result of the Montana work ethic and strong leadership.”

On Montana:  “I fell in love with Montana nearly 40 years ago when I first came to Montana on a school trip. I’m thankful to have built a life, started a small business, and raised a family in this state. That’s why I’m running for Congress – to serve the state that I love and ensure that Montana’s voice is always heard. Overregulation is strangling our economy and making it difficult for Montanans to thrive. Our coal and timber jobs have been hit particularly hard.  I’ll work to rein in the job-killing regulations and end senseless Washington, D.C. policies that are harming Montana job creators.” 

Greg Gianforte is a man that has a strong work ethic, strong moral values, a mind for creating jobs and a love of Montana and the United States of America.  Please cast your vote, either now or on May 25, for Greg Gianforte for Congress!


Thank you,

Beth Hinebauch


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