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Monday, February 19, 2018

Gianforte would lead to higher taxes

Dear editor,

A vote for Greg Gianforte is a vote to raise local taxes. If you cut federal programs that help the poor, that increases the burden on local governments and they will have to raise taxes to cover that burden. Cut Medicaid and people will go to the ER, the local hospital will bill them, and they will not be able to pay their bills. The local hospital will then get the police to issue a court summons to the patient, and the judge will set them up on small payments that will not fully repay the hospital costs. This happened to a member of my family.  

The hospitals will go back to local government to cover the difference. The county commissioners will have to raise taxes, most likely property taxes, or close the hospital. If that happens, we will have to travel hours to places like Billings to see a doctor. 

So a vote for Greg Gianforte, who wants to cut federal programs that help the poor, is a vote to burden local taxpayers. If we quit federal programs that support the poor, they will look for help elsewhere, and may even have to resort to illegal enterprises to get by. If they get caught they will go to jail and be a burden on the taxpayer there. 

Rob Quist will support federal programs that help the poor. Send him to Washington and he’ll stand up for us.


Mike Ruddy


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