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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Gianforte's attack ads are disgusting

Dear editor,

I hope most Montana voters are as disgusted as I am by the vicious attack ads against Rob Quist by the Gianforte Campaign funded by more rich outsiders.

This viscious, below the belt strategy is an indication that Mr Quist’s opponent has no sterling record of his own to endear himself to Montana voters, as evidenced by his recent defeat for Governor.

Attacking a man for a medical crisis which caused his family financial problems is not only dirty politics, but shows us a lot about Gianforte’s character. Perhaps he has never had a crisis in his life, but most of us have, and understand what it takes to recover.

Please join me in voting for “one of us”, Rob Quist for Congress on May 25th.


Dena Hoff


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