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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Government grants not created out of thin air


It is not surprising to read Governor Bullock is trying to convince tax payers that his veto of HB 218, which passed 141-8, was the common sense thing to do.  Nor is it surprising to see him resort to the standard liberal play of tax and spend, which is the essence of his new eastern Montana infrastructure grant proposal supported by the Mayor.  It was surprising, however, to read that Mayor Jimison believes that eastern Montana communities are not concerned with where the money comes from or how the money comes to eastern Montana; but, just send the money we’ll take it with no questions asked.  Why do we have elected officials who applaud the idea of pushing more debt on us and our kids when HB 218 would have been funded from oil and gas tax revenue leaving taxpayers in the clear?  Contrary to a seemingly popular belief, a” government grant” is not created out of thin air by the “government.”  A government grant is actually tax dollars taken from a tax payer and assigned by government. I, along with a lot of other taxpayers, do care where the money comes from and where it goes; and as an elected official, I would hope that the Mayor and Governor would soon take the same perspective.  With an abundant budget surplus on the horizon, I would urge voters to take note of the elected officials who are going to spend your hard earned tax dollars with the same care and common sense as you do; and to support those officials who recognize that the only type of grants are actually taxpayer grants.


Shane L. Eaton

Lindsay, MT

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