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Monday, March 19, 2018

Growth takes pain

Dear editor,

It’s hard to tell what has killed the K Mart in west Glendive, was it a collapse within or is it a sudden death. Perhaps a series of small strokes, a crippling of limbs, the big ‘C’ or just a little cut that got bigger.

The people of Glendive have a large grave yard of dead businesses, along with losing ties with the railroad and its workers.  The complete humiliation and destruction of healthy places of commerce, enterprises, and partnerships have been buried over the years.  Each oil boom and thriving rumble that has come to town has been eventually detonated.

When do the people of Glendive get up and fight for change?  Growth takes pain. The lessons learned over the year have left scars and collapse of evolution. If you wait long enough the dinosaurs will return and you can see the relics return of dead commerce.


Looking forward,


Judi Cramer


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