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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hollecker camping ban idea built on false pretenses

Dear editor,

This letter is written to ask members of the public to please attend the Dawson County Commissioners meeting Tuesday December 5th – 10 a.m. at the Courthouse. Resolution No. 2017-30 will be read with the intent to adopt Ordinance #9 (prohibiting overnight camping at Hollecker Lake).

Here are some basic reasons all citizens should oppose Ordinance #9. Hollecker Lake was built in 1964 with the support and donations from the Glendive Community. The seller’s language stated” it shall be and remain forever a” ”Public Park and Recreation Place for the Benefit of the General Public”. Overnight camping is one of the most recognized outdoor recreational activities, and was one of the original intents for Hollecker Lake. Groups like the Jaycees, Lions, Boys Scouts and Campfire Girls seen the possibilities for an area close to Glendive, that could serve the recreational needs for all citizens. If we limit access, we limit the true benefits that are intended for Hollecker Lake.

Resolution 2017 – 30, drafted by the Commissioners is riddled with partial factual statements. “The facilities at Hollecker Lake are not designed for overnight camping”. Compared to Makoshika State park where visitors pay $28 a night to camp. Hollecker has clean restrooms, well-groomed grassy areas, BBQ grills, and shelter areas. Hollecker is far more accessible from the interstate. Neither has water or electrical hookups.

“The close proximity of Hollecker Lake to residential neighborhoods creates a significant risk of noise related nuisance at night if overnight camping is present”. Ninety Eight (98%) percent false. Adjacent to Hollecker there are no residential neighborhoods. Due north is over 1000 acres of vacant rural land, to the east Highway 16 north, to the west 72 acres of rural land, with a 1 acre homestead and a shooting range, to the south is 8.1 acres of rural commercial land and a business. To the southwest there is a handful of rural residential homes, not a sub-division, not a neighborhood!

In the Sunday November 19, 2017 Edition, the Ranger Review wrote a totally negative article “Proposed ordinance prohibits Hollecker camping”. Our elected officials and West Glendive public works director wants us to believe the only way to protect the county is to take every bodies rights away.

Please attend the public hearing December 5th, ask the commissioners to protect our access to a great recreational park – Hollecker Lake, and to look to other surrounding communities that promote public parks and no fee camping.


Thank you!


Pat Mischel


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