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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Increasing poetry time

Dear Editor: It seems like only yesterday (actually Jan. 28) in his State of the Union address, that Barack Obama was exhorting us that if you “work hard and take responsibility, you can get ahead”. The focus was on “creating new jobs”;  “access to a good job”; “first class jobs”; “more construction jobs”; and a spoken desire to “put more Americans back to work”.  He added: “too many still aren’t working at all.” The 2014 Budget addressed ways to “build ladders of opportunity.” 

But a recent CBO (Congressional Budget Office) study found that his Obamacare was actually sawing down those ‘ladders of opportunity’ by reducing the equivalent of 2.5 million full-time jobs. 

That’s when the ‘Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda’ (yes, it actually existed – in 1930’s Germany) kicked into high gear. No longer do we need to fear “job lock” and losing that Obamacare subsidy because we work too many hours. What happened to jobs, jobs, and jobs? As Nancy Pelosi stated:  “What we see is that people are leaving their jobs because they are no longer job-locked” –  they can now leave to “write poetry.” So if we all left our jobs to write poetry, who pays the subsidies? And if I no longer suffer the indignity of ‘job lock’, is relieving me of ‘food lock’ far behind?  What about ‘house lock’? But Nancy is right – relieving me of all of these burdens would really increase my poetry time.

Linda Prescott

               Glendive, MT

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