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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Join me and let's help send Greg Gianforte to Congress

Dear Editor,

Our house sits ¼ mile from the BSNF railroad tracks and every day we see the trains go by.  We have noticed fewer coal trains going by.  Things don’t happen overnight but through a gradual process.  We have seen this in how the environmentalist and the liberal agenda have affected us in eastern Montana, most recently with the 55 jobs lost in Glendive.  The same liberals in some of the western states have decided they are only going to use so-called “clean energy”, which has affected our coal industry.  

On May 25 we as Montanans can send another liberal environmentalist to represent us in Washington, D.C., one who wants to register our guns, one who wants sanctuary cities to protect illegals, one who wants socialized medicine, and is in agreement with most of the liberal agenda.  OR we can send a good businessman, one who will support the 2nd Amendment and wants to protect freedom for all Montanans.  I am going to vote for the latter--Greg Gianforte.  Please join me.


For Freedom


Steve Hinebauch

State Senator

Senate District 18

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