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Saturday, March 24, 2018

My 5,680th Nancy Pelosi picture

Dear editor,

I got my 5,680th picture of Nancy Pelosi in the mail today. With scary words like “European style health care” and “liberal agenda.” But there is no name anywhere of who this is FOR! Isn’t that a little odd? I’m a little skeptical. After all, I just got over a recent Presidential election. One where the candidate promised NO cuts in Medicaid but now he’s President and want to cut Medicaid by 800 billion over the next 10 years. (10 million people would have their benefits cut off). One where the candidate promised me he’d “drain the swamp” but ends up establishing the RICHEST CABINET IN AMERICAN HISTORY. One where a “populist” candidate ends up with an administration mostly of campaign donors, Wall Street executives, and family members. I’m not gonna fall for THAT again. Come on! Not THAT guy. Not someone who wouldn’t care if Meals on Wheels gets gutted along with Planned Parenthood so he could enjoy what? More tax breaks! No more of THAT kind of guy. So whoever is sending me all these Nancy Pelosi pictures, I’m not THAT gullible.


Christy Wert


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