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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A new field at what cost


Dear Editor,

To the people of Glendive I would like to know the price of selling a soul or trading a remake of Perham Field for a little bit of cancer? $1.3 pretty much sounds like a good round number.

On the front page of the Bakken Weekly, dated April 3, 2014, there is a large article with Mr. Oakland on the front page claiming that Montana’s first radioactive waste business was “not too hot to handle” in timely fashion. Just outside his 126 acres, of his own land, I’ve heard somewhere by Bloomfield is a waste disposal for radioactive material.

What the heck. Mr. Oakland is proud of the $5 million dollar investment. He states he is west of the Yellowstone River where he has scattered neighbors and lives on a gravel road. My goodness; why is Mr. Oakland so happy? 

What the heck do the neighbors think? I see where one neighbor is not concerned; he’s already been there a hundred years, according to the Bakken Weekly. It sounds like most of the neighbors are ready to drink the water, it’s so safe.

The article goes on to say there are limited storage areas. Why is that? N.I.M.B.Y. Hello. What on earth happens stays on earth. I hope there are no accidents on the way to or from Mr. Oakland’s house.

He goes on to say Montana’s level for disposal is right for the state. Hum. Oakland goes on to say he’d like to be busier and would not like North Dakota to enter the radioactive business. I guess we could put it in the wastelands of Medora. 

I am so happy Mr. Oakland is so excited about his business. I am just happy he’s paying money back to Glendive, perhaps his conscience will feel better and the town will be thrilled for just small amounts of carcinogens and a very nice state of art field.


Judi Cramer


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