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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

NFL players should stick to entertaining

Dear editor,

The NFL is a fan based organization and business. Players are paid entertainers. Sponsors and fans pay millions of dollars to be entertained by these businesses, they do not pay to watch egotistical, selfserving and overpaid entertainers show a blatant disrespect and disreguard for our country, our flag and the thousands of military men and women who fought and died to allow them the freedom of peaceful protest. Many of the heroic men and women returned home in a flag draped coffin. They deserve much better.

Players sign a contract with the NFL agreeing to abide by league rules. Pages A62-63 of the NFL League Rulebool clearly states, all players stand in silence on the sidelines, face the flag, hold their helmet in their left hand and refrain from talking during presentation of the flag and playing of the National Anthem. Players who refuse to obey these rules are subject to fines, suspension and forfeiture of draft choices for violation, even first offences.

For NFL Commissioner, owners and coaches to condone this disgraceful show of defiance and disrespect by taking a knee is cowardly. They too should be subject to the same disciplanary action as the players. For them to ruin the game for thousands of paying customers is arrogant and insulting.

I believe in peaceful protest, but in a proper time and place. On the field is neither. If the players are sincere and truly want to help change life and show solidarity for the oppressed in the black communities they should use their celeberity and money to go into these areas and teach black youth there is a better way than a life of crime. When you place yourself in a bad situation, bad things happen, and it never ends well for you.


Marian Keller


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