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Monday, February 19, 2018

One candidate has everything

Dear Editor,

Every election cycle there are ads that say “Get out and Vote.” But, I think these ads should say “Get educated, and then vote”.  Every candidate can say what they think you want them to say when running for office.  But, as the saying goes, “the proof is in the pudding.” In the case of electing a candidate the pudding is their voting record.  One thing I do is study the issues and the candidates. I have looked at the voting records of the candidates for the US House of Representatives and I found Matt Rosendale to be the most conservative and effective of all the candidates. Matt is pro-life. Matt supports the 2nd Amendment and your right to protect your family and your property. Matt supports sportsmen and has donated the use of his land for hunting, fishing and camping to soldiers who have been injured serving our country. Matt has a 100 percent voting record protecting private property rights for Montanans.  Matt recognizes that Congress must stop spending money that they don’t have and has a record of cutting spending in the Montana budget.  Matt will work to defund, repeal and replace ObamaCare.  This isn’t just my opinion.  This is backed up by

Matt’s voting record.  Matt has worked tirelessly for Montana and he will continue to work tirelessly for Montana when in Washington D.C.  Matt put together a bus tour of Eastern Montana so legislators from other parts of the state could come and see what is going on over here.  He understands the issues facing Montana and isn’t afraid to stand up to the Federal

Government in fighting for Montana.   

I have seen Matt take a stand with regards to the Intake Dam project, where he fought for the farmers and their irrigation rights. Matt fought against free roaming buffalo that would have totally destroyed the land, ranchers and farmers in Eastern Montana.  

We need someone in Washington who will fight for the common man, the working man, the man who believes in the “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as endowed by God, and reaffirmed in the Declaration of Independence. Matt Rosendale is that man. 

Please join me and vote for Matt Rosendale for US House of Representatives.

Thank you,

Beth Hinebauch

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