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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Only one clear choice for sheriff


This election cycle has fielded three candidates for the office of Dawson County Sheriff: Two republicans face off in the June primary with the winner advancing to the November election to face a democrat.

There is only one clear choice for Sheriff and that is Ross Canen.

As campaigns ramp up folks start talking about the candidates. When folks talk about Ross Canen, the universal response is “I like Ross.” That’s not at all surprising because Ross is the most affable fellow one could ever meet. But let’s not confuse Ross’s likeability with his tenacious investigative skills, fervent desire to protect us and the compassion with which he executes his duties.

Ross also has the skill and ability to run a multimillion dollar annual budget. When I became Sheriff eleven years ago the budget was in serious trouble. Part of solving the financial crisis required every employee to not only understand the budget problems but actively participate in finding solutions. The process was a team effort and together we crawled out of a huge financial hole. Ross was there at every turn.

Ross is no stranger to understanding the principles of money management. A fiscal conservative, Ross actively manages his family farm/ranch operation and I have every confidence he will manage our public safety tax dollars as efficiently as he manages his own. 

Anyone can run for the Office of Sheriff but not everyone can run the Office of Dawson County Sheriff. Ross Canen can lead, manage and run the Office of Dawson County Sheriff.

It is without hesitation, equivocation or reservation that I endorse Ross Canen for Sheriff. Please join me in electing Ross Canen, the next Sheriff of Dawson County.


Craig Anderson, 

Dawson County Sheriff

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