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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Quist is the clear choice

Dear editor,

On May 25, in a special election, Montanans have an opportunity to fill our only seat in Congress.  The candidate choice is clear. Join me in voting for Rob Quist to be our next United States Representative.

Just like many of us, Rob grew up on a ranch, played basketball and owns a small business. Rob believes our public schools should be strengthened rather than privatized. He supports our public lands and stream access rights. Quist will fight to help hardworking Montana families.  His heart, soul and yes even some difficulties have been forged by his lifetime experiences as a Montanan. He is one of us!

Stand with Rob Quist and he will stand up for you as our next United States Representative. On May 25 or by absentee ballot vote Rob Quist.


Sue Peterson


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