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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Quist a nice, talented man, but he lacks integrity

Dear editor,

The upcoming special election is important to both political parties and a lot hangs in the balance. Most of us expect honesty and integrity in our business dealings, and we should demand nothing less from our elected officials.

Rob Quist is from my hometown of Cut Bank. My family knows his family, and his sister, Marla, is friends with my niece.

I know Rob as a nice man, a talented musician and a fine poet. I even have his autograph, for what its worth. I respect his ambition and sympathize with his health issues.

I do not, however, respect his lack of integrity in under reporting his income, dodging his tax obligation, defaulting on personal loans and bills or misrepresenting himself as someone he’s not. Therefore I cannot, in good conscience support him with my vote. Being a nice man and a talented musician from Montana are not sufficient qualifications for Congress.

On the other hand, should he be elected, he will fit in nicely with the Democrats in Washington DC, in the pocket of Chuck Schumer and under the thumb of Nancy Pelosi.


Marian Keller


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