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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Richey stores still offer great hometown shopping

Dear editor,

It’s sad to see the closing of Kmart, it was always good to shop in there. The employees were nice to you. Would like to know what they are doing now! There is too many empty stores in the mall!

We in Richey are so fortunate to have our Richey Kmart (Big Sky Hardware) thanks to Jan and Vern and family!

Its great for those of us who only buy when grocerys are on sale where you can buy one 3 for $9 special for $3 and lumber, clothes, corrells, posts and plumming and lots more.

There used to be a JC Penny store in most towns. Now Pennys is closed in Sidney. We always did a lot of Christmas shopping there.

That shopping on line does not keep your home town businesses alive. We older folks like going in the stores and tease the clerks.

It is well worth a 50 mile trip to Richey where everyone looks out for their neighbors and new commers. One of the very few small towns with natural gas thanks to Mayor Otis Waters maney years ago!

There arent many towns where you can buy a nice 2 bed room home for $30,000 and walk a block to the Richey wallmart.

We remember years ago when Richey had 2 grocery stores and Spicke Nelsons John Deere –– Ben Holzworths International Harvester –– Wimmane Motor the Chevy dealership –– Bakery & Cafe –– 4 bars –– a 10 room hotel –– lumber yard –– Olie Jensens black smith shop –– a barber shop which we still have at the hardware store –– 3 or 4 gas stations –– a movie theater where the Wienkie girls worked –– 3 elevators and RR depoe –– fertilizer plant –– Bills Repair –– Sherry’s Dairy Queen & Motel.




Bob Candee


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