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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Seed Bill is good for MT agriculture

Dear editor,

Farmers continue to evolve crops naturally, or with genetic selection and enhancement.  In some circles’ it is referred to as research.  It is a constant process to find new ways to outsmart old problems:  insect damage, heat or drought tolerance, less time and energy consumption to manage and prep soils and planting and harvesting a desired crop.

Montana agriculture is being pro-active with the support of the Seed Bill SB-155.

Agriculture seed regulation has fallen into an administrative nightmare in some agricultural areas that include parts of urban California, Colorado and Oregon counties. SB-155 proposes to use the existing Montana Department of Agriculture to regulate crop seeds rather than individual counties or cities.

It makes sense to have uniformity across our state.  Besides, since when does Montana want to be like California?

Many ranches and farms have a crop field laying in more than one county or even within city limits. Imagine Montana’s 56 counties and multiple municipalities writing, and enforcing, their version of a seed regulation ordinance!



Ronda C Johnston

Melville, Mont.

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