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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Strange happenings this election


I’ve notice there is something strange afoot regarding the upcoming Dawson County elections. The Democrat incumbent sheriff is supporting a Republican candidate. Doesn’t anyone find this unusual? Several years back when looking for a new undersheriff was there a reason Craig Anderson went outside of his own department to hire Rich Rowe? Of course there was, the staff under his command did not have the experience for the position. Certainly when Anderson made the decision to hire Rowe he was hiring the most qualified person for the position (at least in his opinion). One of our Republican candidates Ross Canen was working as a deputy at the time. Sheriff Anderson is a Die Hard Democrat with his eyes focused on Helena. Anderson’s endorsement of a Republican candidate should speak volumes. Do we want four more years with Sheriff Anderson in charge, or do we need a change? I think we need a change!

Recently I attended a candidate debate, when answering questions candidate Canen did not even look at the audience. His answers were vague and he skirted the actual question several times. 

The thing about most of our candidates is they can look you in the face because they are sincere. Change needs to be made, and although once in office things are looked at differently some candidates are sincere in their motives when running for office.  

I only see one hope for a sincere look at the office of Dawson County Sheriff.

Folks look at the trouble the rest of our country is in currently. Look next door, we have drones in use in North Dakota. Look at the problems in Nevada on the BLM land. We have BLM land right here in Dawson County, what Sheriff candidate would stand his ground and say “NO” to this type of enforcement. Only one in my opinion, Robert Keiser has the guts and experience to know the law and research his options to protect our rights. He is sincere and he does care about Dawson County. 

When it comes to the jail expansion he will look at options with a cost effective approach and not quote stale figures from another administration.

I would ask that all citizens of Dawson County take a hard look at the candidates. My support for Dawson County Sheriff goes to the only true Republican candidate, Robert Keiser.

Ruth Peck

Concerned Citizen of

Dawson County

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