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Monday, February 19, 2018

Supporting candidate with a vested interest

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Dawson County for 41 years and was a Law Enforcement Officer with the State of Montana for 30 years. I was a Highway Patrolman, with the Public Service Commission and a Motor Vehicle Inspection officer. I personally know and have worked many times with two of the candidates who are on the ballot for sheriff.

I am supporting Ross Canen as the best candidate for the job of Sheriff. He has been a very good and conscientious officer and man. He has a vested interest in our county as he is raising his family here.

He will not be a “carbon copy” of sheriffs that have preceded him. He will do his job as he has done in the past, work under the rule of the law and with the best interest of the Dawson county people in mind.


Stephen A. Berube

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