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Monday, March 19, 2018

Take time and vote for Clinton

Dear Editor,

“Hillary Clinton is studious, she does her homework, and always comes prepared.” These are the 2016 words of conservative Republican Senator John Thune from South Dakota. Thune’s respectful words for former Senator Clinton’s service re-affirms a majority of the reasons I will vote for Hillary Clinton for President.

Our next President will face complex issues, appointments to the Supreme Court, Immigration reform, Rebuilding of our infrastructure, and many others. America will need a President who studies the issues, promotes the facts, and is prepared to lead, these words truly define who Hillary Clinton has always been and who she will always be.

One last issue that make Hillary Clinton a great president. Her belief that modern day elections, are about the agendas of right and left, but governing must come from the center. After the election, if we honestly want to get things done, we’ll all have to move closer to the middle. Please take time to vote for Hillary Clinton/President Tim Kain/VP on or before November 8th.

Pat Mischel


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