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Monday, February 19, 2018

Tearing down the past and others only leads to more hate

Dear Editor,

In recent weeks there have been numerous letters and opinions in local papers that call Conservatives, Republicans and Montana voters ignorant, greedy and prejudice for voting what they  deem the wrong agenda. These people only valuse their opinion and the opinion of those who agree with it.

I don’t understand such all consuming hatered for people you have never and will never meet or know. I am ashamed of those who seek to destroy this country and all that it stands for, freedom and equal opportunity. My ancestors fought wars to ensure these freedoms and preserve peace. They did not pick and chose who they would defend, but fought for all Americans. They showed great respect for our flag, love for this country and honor for our elected Presidents. They were true heros and patriots  who were willing to step up to defend the United States and her citizens.

How many of those on the left and the resistors, antagonists, anarchists, rioters and obstructionists in society today do you think would step up to defend us, should war come to American soil? My guess is none. They would rather see the US fail than lend any support to ensure our survival. These are the takers, not the givers. Shame on them. This is their country too, and their survival and future also hangs in the balance.

Tearing down, eliminating and erasing our past will never change the fact it happened and is written down in time. It will not ever unite this broken country, but only serve to teach our children and grandchildren that violence, disrespect, destruction and hate will get you what you want. How sad for them their future has been relegated to hatered, exclusion and fear instead of love for fellow man.



Marian Keller


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