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Friday, March 23, 2018

Tennis: Where's the love?

Letter to the Editor:

After reading the February 1st Ranger Review article about Coach Rich Lindgren simply retiring and noting the comment of “no comment” by Coach Lindgren, it made me wonder if there is more to the story?  I have no idea if there is or not, but, I do know this: Having been a graduate of DCHS Class of 1982 and being a contact sport kind of guy, I didn’t play tennis and didn’t know much about tennis, except that DCHS and our community already had a legendary coach, being it only 12 years into his career. I had classmates and other friends that played for Coach Lindgren, and not once do I recall any of them having anything but good to say about their coach.  They talked about how much fun they were having and how much they enjoyed playing for their coach. Multiply that by possibly 1000’s of student athletes

Coach Lindgren has positively affected and influenced over the years and it screams success.  Now, fast forward to 2018.  I still don’t play tennis, and I still don’t know much about tennis, but I do know that Coach Lindgren has had a legendary career.  He has touched the lives of 1000’s of young high school students, creating memories they will have their entire lives.

His career has been RICH in success, not only on the local levels but also state and national levels.  He has had a legendary career that I do not believe will ever be MATCHED! Now, to the community of Glendive, we should not stand in the BACK COURT and watch Coach Lindgren fade out unless the decision is 100% his own.  The culture he has created in his 47 years of coaching has been such a positive thing and is so badly needed in today’s society. We really need to have Coach Lindgren continue to positively influence our youth as long as we possibly can. To those who are part of this decision-making process, I ask that you sit down with Mr. Lindgren and his assistant coaches and, if apologies are necessary then make them and, if apologies are made, accept them.  If do’s and don’ts need to be pointed out, then point them out, but please Do Not let this legendary coach and his program’s success end in 2018.  I hope that he and his coaches will be back on the court where they belong.  In closing, isn’t tennis the sport in which we quite often hear the word Love?

God Bless,

Colby Sampson,

Member of the DCHS Class of 1982


Editor note: In response to a recent letter to the editor, DCHS officials wanted to clarify that DCHS is not the state or divisional tennis tournament host this year. Those tournaments will be held in Frenchtown and Billings, respectively. DCHS will host the Eastern A Divisional Track Meet this spring.

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