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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Thanks to legislators who voted to support DCC

Dear editor,

As one of the members of our community who traveled to Helena last week to testify in support of DCC. Please review the results of our lobbing efforts, and take time to thank the House members on the Appropriations Committee who supported our plea to follow the funding formula for Jr. Colleges. The contact number is 444-4800.

On March 10th, 201 by a vote of 14 aye’s and 8 no’s the House Appropriations passed Rep. Don Jones HB 2 amendment 211-E(Limit funding for Community Colleges) An aye vote was to restrict funding, therefore a no being the correct vote for DCC. These results send from committee secretary Sherri Row.

No’s: Rep. Marilyn Ryan (D) HD 99 - Missoula, Rep. Ryan Lynch (D) HD 76 - Butte, Rep. Brad Hamlett (D) HD 23 - Cascade, Rep. Rae Peppers (D) HD 39 - Lame Deer, Rep. Janet Ellis (D) HD 31 - Helena, Rep. Tom Woods (D) HD 62 - Bozeman, Rep. Jim Keane (D) HD 73 - Butte, Rep. Kimberly Dudik (D) HD 94 - Missoula.

Ayes: Vice Chair Randy Brodehl, (R) HD 9 - Kalispell, Minority Vice Chair Kelly McCarthy (D) 49 - Billings, Rep. Mike Hopkins (R) HD 92 - Missoula, Rep. Ken Holmlund (R) HD 38 - Miles City, Rep. Jn Knokey (R) HD 65 - Bozeman, Rep. Rob Cook (R) HD 18 - Conrad, Rep. Dan Bartel (R) HD 29 - Lewistown, Rep Tom Burnett (R) HD 67 - Bozeman, Rep. Brad Tschida (R) HD 97 - Missoula, Rep. Mike Cuff (R) HD 2 - Eureka, Rep. Don Jones (R) HD 46 - Billings, Rep. Jimmy Petelis (R) HD 52 - Billings, Rep. Carl Glimm (R) HD 6 - Kila, Chair Nancy Balance (R) HD 87 - Hamilton.


Thank you


Pat Mischel


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