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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Time for everyone to accept Trump as president

Dear Editor,

New Years Eve, my 65 year old brother, an ordained minister, was verbally attacked at his place of employment by a disgruntled black woman who objected to Trumps election. When he didn’t answer her hostile rant, she became belligerent and abusive. Fearing for his well being, he called Police. She fled, after calling his employer to demand he be fired, thus putting his job and family security at risk. These unwarranted, mean spirited attacks on innocent people need to stop!

This cowardly act is played out all over the US by angry, misinformed people who bought into the DNC lie Hillary would win by a landslide.

Celebrities, athletes, millenials and hardcore liberals continue to attempt to deligitimize Trump, divide the country and disrupt a peaceful transition of power in government. Democrats have run the gamut of accusations and excuses, and are now blaming Russian hackers for Hillary’s overwhelming defeat. The US and Russia have engaged in government interference and espionage throughout my lifetime. It is nothing new, except now it is on social media. Julian Assange, if believed, stated the Wikileaks information before the election did not come from Russia, but hints it came from within the US, perhaps from the DNC itself.

Those Celebrities, musicians, athletes, mainstream media and businesses who slander Trump, his cabinet and supporters and who display a distain for the US, our Constitution and flag should be boycotted. We, as Americans do not need counsel from people paid millions to entertain, and who spend most of their adult lives pretending to be someone they are not. We will not be bullied and shamed into forfeiting our Constitutional right to freedom of speech and to cast our vote for whomever we choose.

If we as Americans cannot unite and pull together to support our newly elected President and his cabinet, we further risk weakening the US in the eyes of our enemies. Those in Congress and government who refuse a peaceful transition of power should be voted out at first opportunity. If we fail to unite this country, I fear our Democratic Republic and freedom will not survive.



Marian Keller


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