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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Train traffic benefits outweigh problems for City of Billings


Dear Editor,

It is very interesting watching the powers to be in Billings, crying about the terrible coal and oil trains disrupting your poor lives. 

I’ve been watching you for 30 or 40 years reap the benefits from the coal mines in Colstrip, Sarpy Creek and Decker. You have had a bonanza for your businesses, and city for all these years, now all at once you are going to see a little of the other side of the coin. It is amazing to me that the cities of Forsyth, Miles City and Glendive have managed to survive all of the train traffic from the coal mining. My family and I have ranched in the Colstrip area all my life and we have survived the changes very well.

I think you must believe we have short memories down here. I for one have not forgotten that Billings went to the Coal Board for funding to build a new jail. The Coal Board was told Billings needed more room to house all of the riffraff from the coal mines and the power plants. That was bogus as millions of dollars were being spent in the city of Billings due to all of the good paying jobs resulting from coal. It is time to take a little of the so call bad and look at the positives.

We read that Billings needs to build a new jail as they are running out of room to house prisoners. What in the world would be wrong with utilizing the brand new jail in Hardin! I am sure that the Hardin community could use an economic boost!

Hugh Broadus


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